One of my major relaxation activities is model building. I have been building models for over forty-five years now and really enjoy spending an evening working on modeling projects.

Usually I have several different projects going at any one time. That gives a chance for both variety and for switching to something else when a particular project reaches a necessary break point.

I mostly build aircraft, but also armor, ships, and a few cars thrown in. Aircraft will always be my favorite though, and there are constantly many aircraft models on the bench.

Reference sources are readily available these days, as are paint, detail sets, and accessories. Compared to what was available when I first started, we are in a golden age for modelers and the possibilities now are endless.

Over the years I have been very fortunate to have my work published in Bert Kinzey’s Detail & Scale series of books, on web sites like the Aircraft Resource Center, Modeler Site, and the VLS Gallery. I would like to thank them for their interest over the years.

I have also had many individuals request models over the years, and thank them for asking me to build for them. Their business has been very much appreciated.

It is always interesting to read the newsgroups and see the real magicians in superdetailing and dioramas, as well as the individuals that we sometimes jokingly refer to as the color police or rivet counters. It is interesting to note that there are those that can expertly tear apart someone’s effort with criticism, but never seem to have any of their work on display... It is good to remember that 1. The model companies don’t always get everything perfect (who does?) and 2. No matter how good you think you are, there is always someone better than you and always someone still learning. So enjoy your modeling and be good to others.

I think it is a shame that some think modeling is dying, as we are an aging group - listen to almost any retail hobby shop owner talking. We should do all we can to encourage the young to get involved in the creative effort that modeling nurtures. It is much more of a skill than video games and involves much more learning. While models and supplies have become much more expensive, the range of subjects available has exploded and most are still cheaper than a new video game!

I am including a gallery of models on this site, both friends and my own. They are there for your enjoyment, so take your time and browse!

 Anyone wishing to add something to the gallery here is welcome to send jpegs of their work and they will receive a place at the beginning of the gallery and a credit :-)

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