Afghan Hounds

Afghan Hounds are the king of dogs, aloof, mysterious, playful, courageous, mischievous, agile, fast as lightning, loyal, and above all, lovable.

I have lived with them for over twenty-five years now, and have been fortunate to have a series of dogs from a very special line, the van der Orange Menage (vdOM) Afghans, and associated with a very special group of people who love and appreciate the qualities of these dogs.

I'd like to thank Dee Verti, Jan Priddy, Mary Voss, Dennis & Glenda from Kareem Afghans, Erica Rodde, Mieke, Johan at Del Ghryryo Afghans, Linda Jo Bugbee, Martine Falke at Soukistan, and all the other special people involved with the vdOM Afghans around the world for all their friendship, help, support, advice, and wonderful puppies over the years!

To help celebrate these wonderful dogs, click on the links to view some of them and join in celebrating their accomplishments!

Fernando By Abba

Pooch Photographer

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